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RSJ Wine Offer - May 2017


The following wines are a special selection from the extensive RSJ Wine list which are offered at a special rate while stocks last.



The Roussely Case




Vincent Roussely is a leading grower in Touraine and his property is very close to the famous Chateau de Chenonceau. He works organically and has a very esteemed reputation in the region.



3 Bottles

2015  Touraine Sauvignon ‘Le Clos’



3 Bottles

2015  Touraine Gamay ‘Canaille’



2 Bottles

2014 Touraine Chenonceaux Blanc

[old Sauvignon vines]



2 Bottles

2014 Touraine Chenonceaux Rouge

[old Cot [Malbec] & Cabernet Franc]



1 Bottle

2014 Irreductible Blanc

[‘Natural Wine’ from old parcel of Sauvignon]



1 Bottle

2014 Irreductible Rouge

[‘Natural Wine’ from old parcel of Cot, Cab Franc & Gamay]





The Chinon Case




Jerome Billard is rapidly developing a stellar reputation for his wines at the Domaine de la Noblaie.  Like Vincent Roussely, who is a great friend, he works organically and his wines are much sort after.



2 Bottles

2015 Chinon ‘Le Temps des Cerises’



2 Bottles

2014 Chinon ‘Chiens-Chiens’



2 Bottles

2014 Chinon ‘Les Blancs Manteaux’



2 Bottles

2014 Chinon ‘Pierre de Tuf’



2 Bottles

2015 Chinon ‘Goutte de Rose’



2 Bottles

2016  Chinon Blanc ‘La Grande Ourse’





The Mabileau Case



Frederic Mabileau has for a number of years had a reputation as one of the greatest growers in the Loire. Based in St Nicolas de Bourgueil, he works organically and such is the International demand for his wines that they are on allocation. We are delighted that with our long association with him means that we continue to receive an allocation from him.



3 bottles

2015 St Nicolas de Bourgueil ‘Les Rouilleres



2 bottles

2014 Anjou Cabernet Sauvignon



2 bottles

2015 Bourgueil ‘Racines’



1 bottles

2014 St Nicolas de Bourgueil ‘Eclipse’



3 bottles

2015 Chenin des Rouilleres



1 bottle

2014 Chenin du Puy





The Eastern Loire Case



Laurent & Claude Champault make wonderful wines in Sancerre and they also have some vines in neighbouring Menetou Salon. With their good friend Sebastien Treuillet from nearby Pouilly, we offer the following:



3 bottles

2015 Sancerre ‘Les Pierris



3 bottles

2015 Menetou Salon ‘ Clos de la Cure’



3 bottles

Pouilly Fume, Domaine Treuillet



3 bottles

Sancerre Rouge ‘Les Pierris




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