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Future Wine Tasting Events

For further details & all bookings please contact Tom King or Tel: 020 7928 4554

Wine is it bottled sunshine.? 


Although there have been recent changes to RSJ as it takes on a new guise of Sticky Mango at RSJ, 2017 promises to be as exciting a calendar of wine events as last year with special appearances from some of our renowned vignerons in conjunction with a fabulous selection of wines to taste and enjoy. We sincerely hope that you will join us to share in the excitement. As always our experts will provide a knowledgeable commentary on the wines and terroir.


Wine Tasting & matching with South-East Asian food at Sticky Mango

Monday 24th July 49.00


In conjunction with the Waterloo festival, Peter, Nigel, Tom and all the Sticky Mango [RSJ] team will be featuring the following menu and wines to enjoy the fusion of tastes and flavours:

Welcome Cocktail

Raspberry & Lychee Bellini

Fine de Claire Oysters
Coconut & Lime Granita, Chilli Tapioca Pearls

2015 Muscadet de Sevre et Maine Sur Lie Domaine du Verger
Pierre Luneau-Papin

JGS Black Pepper Shrimp
Sun dried Pineapple, jicama & peas shoots

2016 Saumur Blanc, Domaine de Nerleux
Amelie Neau

Tempura Soft Shell Crab
Singapore Chilli Sauce, Fried Steam Buns

2016 Pouilly Fume, Domaine Treuille
Sebastien Treuillet

Mamak BBQ Corn Fed Chicken
Charred Long Bean, Pickled Red Onion Salad

2015 Chinon Domaine de la Noblaiet
Jerome Billard

The Sticky Mango
Sweet Sticky Rice.Coconut & Vanilla, Whipped Condensed Milk, Mango

2014 Coteaux du Layon St Lambert
Vincent & Emmanuel Ogereau

Pandan Macaron
Kaya Jam, Caramel & Soy Sauce Ice Cream